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Caffè In Grani

(1 kg / 2.2 lbs)

Composed of the finest mild coffees from the world, naturally and gently wood-roasted and air-cooled in a traditional fashion to obtain this coffee’s unique and fragrant aroma.

This aromatic, low-caffeine coffee selection for real connoisseurs is the ideal ingredient to prepare the perfect Italian Cappuccino.


100% Arabica

Why Choose Caffè Sant ‘Eustachio

Since 1938 Sant ‘Eustachio Il Caffè preserves the tradition of good coffee and takes care of its quality. The use of the best arabica coffee in the blend make the Caffè a must for aficionados.

Slow and delicate toasting using a wood fire that results in an extraordinary soft taste.

A low caffeine content of just 40mg a cup (1.18%) means that you could consume up to 10 cups a day.

Focussed on responsible farm practices and fair-trade.

The Coffeehouse

5684 Reviews
Italy, Rome

An unassuming cafe located near the Pantheon offering what is widely considered the best espresso in Rome since 1938.

Only roaster in Rome that still uses a wood burning fire to roast their Arabica beans
Famous for its secret recipe Gran Caffé. Baristas turn away as they make it to shield the magic formula
According to tradition, true romans have their first coffee of the year here on the 1st of January
A popular people-watching spot and a short walk away from the Pantheon and San Luigi dei Francesi

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